I don’t believe the Bible on sex


I don’t believe the Bible on sex

Many writers have described Queeneth Hilbert as the most beautiful actress in Nigeria. Right or wrong, the model turned screen goddess is unquestionably beautiful with a touch of class about her.
When I first interviewed her I felt an air of derision about her towards men but she was quick to tell me she has nothing against them although she has had her share of bad experiences with men.
“ When I was trying to establish myself as a model, every man I met wanted something from me. In this country, most men you meet don’t want to do anything for you unless you are ready to offer sex. Only very few men are nice. I don’t know if it happens like that to other women but for me, it has and that doesn’t mean I have anything against men. I don’t” she says
And her feelings haven’t affected her desirability to have sex with the opposite sex. “Well, you see someone and you feel this guy will be good in bed, fine, go ahead and have it. Sex is something you can have if you feel good about it. I don’t believe all those Bible stuffs about sex” she quips.


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  1. Georgia

    Hi Nellemarie,Thanx for your comments. I can uesrndtand that you are frustrated. The dating process can be one of the most frustrating things we go thru in life. But the good news is it doesn’t have to be.A person can join a gym but that doesn’t mean they will get in shape. The game has be played a certain way. In order to win any game one must first uesrndtand the rules.Are there some men who lie and misrepresent themselves, even on the paid sites? Absolutely. But you can’t focus on them. Remember you only need ONE good guy. it doesn’t make a difference how the majority of men are. You simply need to focus on finding and attracting the right guy.I can say this. if you think dating is a chore and there are no good men out there that is what you will find. Your attitude determines your altitude. You have to look at online dating from the man’s perspective. Why should he contact you? What is it in your profile that is going to make u stand out? Or do you simply sound like everyone else?Just b/c you join an online site and post a profile doesn’t mean you’re going to meet someone. You can join a gym, heck u can even go to the gym every day but if you’re not doing things the right way you won;t get the results you desire. If you’re not getting the results you desire is it the gyms fault?If you’re not getting the results you desire it’s b/c of 1 of 2 reasons1) you’re doing something u shouldn’t be doing?2) you’re not doing something you should be doing?Why is it that some women have no problem finding and attracting men online and others struggle?It’s not that there are no good men out there, it comes down to #1 or #2 above. I know you may not want to hear this but it is time to look in the mirror and see what it is you may be doing/not doing that.This is not meant to make you wrong or blame you for what is happening. I think we’re all doing the best we can. But it really isn’t as difficult as it appears.If you want to give up dating that is your prerogative. But how will you ever find the love you want if you do?

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